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My Absolutely nothing Horse Equestria Girls: Digital Show (seasons dos)

My Absolutely nothing Horse Equestria Girls: Digital Show (seasons dos)

Equestria Female: Destroyed Friendship

Within the Forgotten Friendship, Twilight Sparkle along with her household members was people in the fresh new Canterlot Highest Yearbook club. Along with the rest of the school, the woman an excellent recollections out-of Sundown Shimmer is actually deleted from the Wallflower Blush using the thoughts stone. Therefore, her just memories of Sundown are whenever she yelled on the lady for the Friendship Game, and does not think about the friendship. The lady regard to own Sundown gets far worse whenever Sunset affect destroys the brand new selfie drone she mainly based. Just after enjoying Sundown dive before a blast throughout the thoughts stone meant to remove the memory from highschool, she along with her family members play with its geode energies in order to ruin brand new thoughts stone and you can restore the fresh new school’s memories. They later on profit the “Close friends” yearbook superlative.

Equestria Ladies: Rollercoaster out-of Friendship

During the Rollercoaster regarding Relationship, Twilight along with her relatives visit the latest Equestria Residential property theme playground throughout the grand opening to support Rarity, who had a job there while the a designer. The fresh new Rainbooms will also get booked due to the fact center of attention on the park’s white parade by the Rarity’s manager, this new park’s head off pubic relations Vignette Valencia. Twilight then goes away from that have Sunset Shimmer and you may competes for the a ring put game work by Flim and you may Flam. Even with the woman experience in physics and Sunset’s viewpoints the online game try rigged, they spend all their seats trying inside the vain to help you earn the fresh online game, and in the end exit to track down ice-cream in the place of winning. Because they plan this new show, Twilight, Pinkie and you will Sundown try teleported towards Vignette’s Equestrian miracle-enchanted cell phone and they are replaced of the holograms when they oppose Vignette’s work so you can substantially alter the Rainbooms’ image. Twilight attempts to teach Applejack to place a virus to Vignette’s cellular telephone to release them, even so they at some point discover that they certainly were into the a blank white area on park all the with each other. The girls explore the powers so you’re able to destroy Vignette’s mobile for the procession or take its lay while the parade’s headliner. Photographs Booth, the latest song it would, is interspersed having films of those enjoying the playground.

Twilight temporarily seems in Reboxing which have Increase!, outraged one Increase put her credit card to purchase certain most expensive pet factors. For the Roadway Miracle that have Trixie!, she covertly facilitate Trixie with her tell you by levitating every one of their miracle offers in order to allure the viewers. From inside the Twilight Under the Stars, Twilight attends the fresh Canterlot Celestial People Members’ Social where Wood Liven and you will Pinkie Pie assist her talk to their favourite scientist, Rosette Nebula. She produces support otherwise small styles into the Plan Exchange, Four Famous people, FOMO, I’m to your a yacht, Go to Get away, Festival Filters, Festival Seems, Brighten Your For the, and you will Take action Towards Ponygram!.

She actually is a main focus throughout the Roadway Reduced Arranged, where their schedule into the Starswirled Audio Event was forgotten and she and Increase therefore decides to follow other event patron’s plan. She also has possible endings when you look at the Inclement Fabric and you will Suggestion Toppings, tends to make records appearances when you look at the Aftermath-Up! and you will renders a supporting looks inside the Lost and Pound. The woman is stated for the Sock It if you ask me, whenever Rainbow Dash secret exactly who their “very smart pal” are.

Equestria Lady: Spring season Malfunction

In Spring season Dysfunction, Twilight arranges a sail travel to own by herself and her friends so you can commemorate spring split. When she, Sunset, and you can Rainbow Dash pick an extra site so you’re able to Equestria into the an area in the exact middle of the ocean, she knowledge, transforms on the a glasses-wearing unicorn, and you may meets the woman Equestrian princess equivalent once again.

Equestria Females: Sunset’s Backstage Ticket

When you look at the Sunset’s Backstage Pass, Twilight Shine attends the fresh new Starswirled Sounds Event together loved ones. She actually is inadvertently trapped in a time circle and repeats one go out for the next three months. Through the numerous loops, she helps Sundown and escort service in chico Pinkie in the looking to solve the fresh mystery of time circle, mentioning it as a “snag on fabric out of spacetime”. Within the a later repeat, she along with her members of the family was kicked outside of the event when Pinkie provokes a security guard. Regarding final repeat adopting the time loop are broken, Twilight along with her friends spectate PostCrush’s performance while they would which have Sunset and you will Pinkie.

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